B2B Solutions

Keeping your sales database up to date with accurate data can be an arduous task, to say the least. We help sales, sales operations and marketing not only maintain the integrity of the data in their database, but also, provide data, sales leads and marketing solutions that result in more closed business and less headaches for your organization.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing, a division of Infogroup, is the leader in original compilation of business data, and with that experience comes significant advantages to you:

  • We have specific knowledge of the raw data sources
  • We control all aspects of the compilation process
  • We understand the optimal approach to data integration
  • We have consistency in the development of modeled attributes
  • We have the ability to integrate new and innovative data sources

 The data and sales and marketing technology we provide means that you can focus more on bringing new business to your company and less on data inefficiencies.