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One Brand, One Mission, One Partner

One Brand, One Mission, One Partner

With the ever-growing complexity of the marketing landscape, Yes Lifecycle Marketing is striving to be the SINGLE partner brands look to for all their marketing needs.

By Michael Fisher
Apr 20, 2017

6 Best Practices to Create Website Registration Forms that Convert

Improve acquisition and conversion

Filling out online forms to get access to content or a special offer is about as fun as waiting in line at the DMV or working your way through an automated phone menu.

By Dan Speers
Apr 17, 2017

4 Steps to Creating a Cross-Channel Win Back Strategy

Win back efforts

First, the nitty-gritty: while marketers sometimes use the terms ‘win back’ and ‘reactivation’ interchangeably, a win back strategy targets recent lapsed buyers and aims to propel them to buy again.

By Kimberly Snyder
Apr 13, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: May

Check out seasonal marketing themes in May

Check out our May calendar for a list of events and holidays like Memorial Day and Mother's Day, then get inspired by examples of timely seasonal campaigns.

By Erin Gade
Apr 12, 2017

3 Email Marketing Triggers You Are Not Implementing But Should


Find out the remarkable metrics behind these 3 email trigger campaigns.

By Ivy Shtereva
Apr 10, 2017

Verizon Drops Email Service: What Does It Mean For Marketers?

Our deliverability experts explain the situation

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s Deliverability team wants marketers to know that while Verizon has announced they’re discontinuing their email service, there’s not too much they’ll need to do.

By Kevin Gallant
Apr 10, 2017

Infographics: Visual Storytelling and Information Design

The Story Determines the Design

Infographics are more than just an eye-catching grouping of pictures, numbers and text. They’re about telling a story – one that has meaning to your audience.

By Christina Egan Chang
Apr 04, 2017

How to Optimize Emails for Retina Devices

Solve the design challenge for high DPI displays

The shift to mobile devices and the increased use of high DPI displays makes the need for retina images in email campaigns clear.

By Sterling Crain
Mar 28, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: April

Check out seasonal marketing themes in April

From Earth Day to Easter, check out our April calendar for a list of holidays throughout the month and learn from timely campaign samples.

By Linda Clasen
Mar 22, 2017

How Multivariate Testing Improves Targeting and Engagement

Collect Data on Which Email Elements Contributed to Lift

Multivariate testing can tell you EXACTLY which change in email elements made the most difference.

By Kara Sutton
Mar 07, 2017