2 Ways to Keep Email Subscribers Engaged


Do you have thousands of unread emails or shoot for Inbox Zero? Whether you fall into one group or the other (or land somewhere in between), marketers have gotten smarter about keeping subscribers engaged. According to the latest email marketing benchmarks from Yesmail, the proportion of ‘never active’ subscribers—consumers who opt in for a brand’s emails but never open or click—reached an all-time low of 68.9% in Q2 2015.

On a larger scale, while email volume has consistently increased over the past two years, the share of active email recipients has steadily grown as well, bucking the typically downward trend in engagement. These findings indicate that marketers are finding more effective communication strategies that help maintain a healthy, active database. Two tactics they’re implementing to boast a well-engaged audience include lifecycle triggers and value-added messaging.

Triggered Email

Marketers can enhance their relevancy by tailoring communications to customers’ stage in the lifecycle. For instance, at the start of their relationship with a brand, subscribers could receive a welcome series. Other types of triggered emails that can limit subscriber attrition include anniversary and birthday messages.

Multichannel lifestyle retailer Lands’ End is one brand that has seen success through timely triggered campaigns. Personalized email touch points have communicated the value of Lands’ End and given customers incentives for staying subscribed and engaging with the brand. Ultimately, Lands’ End’s lifecycle triggers have achieved double the open rate of the brand’s marketing program and introduced a completely new revenue stream, accounting for 3% of email-driven revenue while reaching just 0.6% of Lands’ End’s audience.

Value-Added Messaging

In addition to lifecycle emails, value-added content is a great way to capture and hold subscribers’ attention. One major supermarket chain, with more than 1000 stores across the U.S., focuses on enabling shoppers to live richer lives. The brand worked with Yesmail to emphasize this stance through email marketing. The supermarket positioned itself as a go-to resource for customers through useful, “sticky” content that spanned tips for pet owners to recipe ideas. In the end, this enhanced content strategy boosted email engagement and led to:

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