3 Low Cost Acquisition Strategies

New subscriber acquisition is often a measurement of success for email programs so marketers are regularly urged to grow their subscriber bases. Often, however, this task can prove particularly challenging as obstacles like time, resources, and budget can dampen efforts.  To help brands develop low-cost and effective acquisition strategies that continue bringing in new customers and expand their reach, we offer 3 cost-effective ways to attract new customers that can yield great results for your program.

Social Media:

What’s a better way to grow your subscriber base than by tapping into an audience that is already engaged and taken action to follow your brand on social channels? Social media is an easy way to organically acquire new subscribers by leveraging a marketing avenue that is already working for your business. Not only is this a strategy that can help grow the number of your subscribers, but it is also  likely to capture quality subscribers who will interact with your campaigns. Here are a few ways to use social channels to grow your database:

1. Sign-up Pages

Make it easy for followers to find a link to sign up for email through your social pages.  Due to prime real estate dedicated to offers/other content, these links often get buried. You can also post “Coming Soon” or “Don’t Miss Out” messages on your social channels that include a subscription link to your email program so your followers are enticed to opt in and get your upcoming email content and offers. By doing this you have also given a sense of exclusivity to your social audience and who doesn’t like feeling important!

2. Sharing

Keep it simple for your existing subscribers to share email content on social networks. If there is a great offer, an exclusive sneak peek, or an upcoming event, customers may want to let their network know about it and encourage their followers to follow your brand. Like with most businesses and industries, consumers that come through as a result of a referral tend to be more engaged and have a higher likelihood of conversion and loyalty. 

3. Contests 

Contests are a great incentive for your social media followers to further engage with your brand.  This audience may not know what they are missing by not participating in your mailing program, so give them a compelling reason to subscribe.  Compared to other incentives and offers, contests boast a sense of urgency and have the appeal of instant gratification (an entry means a chance to win).  Just make sure your audience can get to the opt-in page effortlessly.  Not only are you likely to gain new subscribers who are already following you on social, but contests are also great for sharing and can thus quickly multiply your reach and new subscribers.

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Customer Service:

A consumer who takes the initiative to contact customer service via a call or the increasingly popular online chat channel is likely an engaged one. This audience reaches out to either applaud a positive experience or describe a negative one. Regardless of the reason that a customer is reaching our, brands are given the option to obtain their contact information – most often an email address and a phone number – to make an experience right or to thank a customer for sharing feedback. Collecting an email address and a verbal consent to opt a caller into a brand’s mailing program during a customer service call could be a great way to acquire new subscribers who are already customers.

So, with little effort or additional resources, you could pad your subscriber base with a segment of loyal customers.  This is particularly valuable, because a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about his or her experience with your company[1], leaving an opportunity for organic growth as well. 

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Point of Sale:

Email is typically a required field for online purchases and the option to subscribe for a brand’s mailing program is prominent during check-out. The in-store purchase experience, while different, can be just as valuable. With many retailers transitioning to e-receipts, asking for an email address at the register is almost expected.

Additionally, real-time incentives for signing up can delight consumers leaving them with a feeling of instant gratification, exclusivity, and excitement about what’s to come to their inbox. If the goal is to keep the transaction at the register short, consider signage or cards throughout the store (beginning of the checkout line, dressing room, aisle displays, etc.) where a customer might feel they have the time to complete the sign-up process. Portable technology such as tablets can make this process effortless for potential subscribers.

For most industries, tablets can provide your staff the mobility to collect email addresses at tables after a meal, performances, sporting events, conferences, local events such as farmer markets/craft fairs, trade shows, etc. By implementing this simple and cost-effective enhancement of your in-store experience, the opportunities to grow your list can go with you anywhere! 

In order to effectively grow their subscriber base, brands need to incorporate other important components of a successful marketing strategy into their efforts.  Including mobile, in-store, and social into their plan to grow their database can prove very effective and requires minimal investment. Whether you drive new subscribers through your well-placed social media promotions or through strategically placed tablets in-store, find out what works best for your brand and how you can get your loyal customers to help expand your reach. 

[1] http://money.howstuffworks.com/customer-service2.htm

Author Bio

Tiffany Schroeder

Tiffany is a Senior Account Manager, Client Services working out of Atlanta, GA. She has over 5 years of experience in email marketing as well as over 3 years of experience with loyalty and CRM programs in the CPG industry. She has worked with a variety of clients across a wide range industries. Tiffany has a passion for enhancing the user experience and working to ensure marketing programs remain relevant and engaging for consumers. Tiffany has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (A.B.J.) from the University of Georgia and enjoys her other career as a mother of two.