4 Things You Should Know About Your Competitors


Brand marketers shouldn’t underestimate the value in monitoring the competition. By collecting insights on competitors’ presence in the digital sphere, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that boost engagement and improve the overall customer experience. In turn, this boosts conversion and ROI.

Uncover best practices, gain inspiration, and find new ways to interact with customers by tracking several things about other companies in your market/industry:

1. Top-performing campaigns—Determine which multi-channel programs get the most engagement in order to adapt your digital strategy, including creative and content for promotions. 

2. Deployment trends—What time are competitors launching campaigns? How many times per day, week, month? Real-time data on timing and frequency can help you not only match offerings punch-for-punch, but also beat/one-up rival marketing campaigns.

3. Social follower growth—Uncover which social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) see the biggest increases in follower count due to competitors’ campaigns.

4. Email deliverability—Reach consumers’ inboxes when your competitors can’t. Boost market share by filling in email communication gaps between competitive brands and their customers.

Since learning from competitors means outperforming them, we developed a platform called Yesmail Market Intelligence. And just this week, we’ve released Predefined Report Templates within the tool, which allow digital marketers to generate competitive analyses on-the-fly, on an ad hoc basis. They can then download these customizable reports to share with their team and other key stakeholders. Learn more about Predefined Report Templates here.


Author Bio

Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock is a seasoned veteran of digital marketing. After creating successful email applications for Canadian bank CIBC (2004), Jason initiated and managed Deliverability Operations for Digital Connexxions (2006) implementing several key strategies for major publishing clients. After a successful acquisition of Digital Connexxions in 2006 by infoUSA, Jason proceeded to become Director of Deliverability for Yes Lifecycle Marketing (2007) followed by VP of Deliverability Services for Yes Lifecycle Marketing (2011). Jason has transformed Yes Lifecycle Marketing's Deliverability into an industry leading solution through enhanced offerings of technology and client services. Jason has designed successful technical and business strategies for several large Fortune 500 companies including: HP, Coke, Kodak, Facebook, eBay, Ancestry.com, and United Airlines.