Data-Rich and Insight-Poor Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]


How do marketers plan on using customer data to make informed marketing decisions this year? That's what we were wondering. So, we recently partnered with Infogroup Targeting Solutions to survey more than 700 marketers at Forrester Research's eBusiness Forum and the DMA2012 Annual Conference. 

Through our survey, we gained insights on marketers' hiring decisions for 2013. For example, more than half of all respondents, 56%, plan on hiring new employees for data-related positions. Our survey results also revealed marketing challenges and priorities for 2013, among other things. See the infographic below for some of our findings. Download the report for complete survey results.

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Author Bio

Kam Wa Tang

Kam has been in sales and marketing for over 12 years, working on both the agency and client side with Fortune 500 brands. As a product marketing specialist at Yesmail, Kam spends his days investigating trends within digital marketing so that Yesmail can better serve its clients' current and future requirements. A native of the U.K., Kam now resides in the US and lives in Chicago, where he spends his spare time exploring the city's neighborhoods, great restaurants, and fanatical devotion to sports.