Learning from Retail Digital Marketing Trends in the 2011 Holiday Season


I had a chance to chat with Kristin Kleweno and Jason Warnock and got a sneak peek at their deck for the upcoming webinar on February 2nd, 'Digital Channel Analysis: How top retailers used email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube during the 2011 Holiday Season' In this webinar, Kristin and Jason provide in-depth analysis and insights from 100 of the top 500 online retailers who were randomly selected based on the key holiday spending periods (Cyber Monday, Black Friday etc.).

When looking back, a record number of email marketing campaigns were sent out to help fuel a sales increase. They did just that, as analysts' reports showed a between 15-20% growth for Cyber Monday alone. After learning this and being a data geek, I couldn't wait for Kristin and Jason to take a deeper dive into the actual data and trends behind retailers' digital approaches this 2011 holiday season.


A few exciting trends they focused on (just a few):


  1. What percentage of marketers were integrating their email strategy with social media
  2. How marketers leveraged email,  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube differently throughout the key holiday spending  periods
  3. Average number of emails, tweets and Facebook postings each retailer sent/posted
  4. On the social side, growth of fan bases, posting and engagement activity
  5. Top 5 retailers in size, growth and engagement with their social networks




Needless to say there is some exciting data and trends they plan on sharing, and while I was sworn to secrecy to not spoil all of them in this post, I am able to share a few of trends from the top 100 retail marketers.


  1. Overall Marketing  deployment volume was in line with consumer buying behavior
  2. Retailers on average sent out 3 Facebook posts for every 1 email
  3. Retailers on average sent out 6 Tweets for every 1 email
  4. Facebook fan bases over Holiday period grew at an average of 6%


So as you continue to put strategies in place for 2012, there is no better period to learn executable strategies than the busiest and most exciting time of the year for digital marketers, the holiday season.

Be sure to register and join them tomorrow at 11am PT (1pm CT, 2pm ET) to learn and gain insights that will impact your digital marketing strategies for 2012 and beyond.

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Kyle Henderick

As Director of Client Services, Kyle is responsible for helping major clients implement new programs, processes, and data-driven strategies to create campaigns that truly drive revenue. With a passion for technology implementation and a background in database, email, web, and social media marketing, Kyle turns his real-world experience into executable tactics to help clients see an incremental lift in revenue, subscriber engagement, and customer retention. A lover of all things Chicago, when Kyle is not reading up on latest marketing practices or focusing on improving client programs, he can be found enjoying the city’s great restaurants or wearing his heart on his sleeve while rooting for all Chicago-based sports teams. A curious individual willing to try any and every food that does not include raw onions, he is always looking for exciting dining options and new adventures around the city.