Super Bowl Monday


The Monday following the Super Bowl used to be a water cooler phenomenon - people discussed Sunday’s events with their friends and coworkers in person on Monday.  While marketers knew that Sunday’s exposure was valuable, it was not always easy to make a direct correlation.  Today however, the spots that aired on Sunday are all available on-demand, online.  People are sharing, re-Tweeting, linking to and texting what they enjoyed on Sunday. Not only are brands able to get their word out and watch it reverberate across multiple channels, they can also measure the halo effect and gain new brand advocates.  Also, Super Bowl Monday is just the tip of the iceberg.  Marketers who ramp up to the Big Game a few days before Sunday benefit from a well-planned strategy.  We used Yesmail Market Intelligence to measure the performance of a few ads that were well-planned and benefited from the Super Bowl energy moment:


Brand: Colgate

Platform: Facebook

Colgate’s #EveryDropCounts campaign may have received mix reviews but the brand still managed to generate tons of new Page Likes on Facebook.  The old adage, “all press is good press”, actually applies here.

The Play-by-Play:

  • On the Friday before Super Bowl, Colgate gained 1,161 new, incremental Page Likes on Facebook
  • On Super Bowl Sunday, they earned a few more – 3,062 new Page Likes
  • But on Monday, they earned an astounding 18,754 new Page Likes


Brand: Amazon

Platform: YouTube

In the week leading up to January 27th, Amazon’s daily average of new YouTube channel subscribers was in the double digits – approximately 43 per day. Then on 1/27, they posted their Super Bowl ad.  The star-filled series quickly multiplied the number of Youtube subscribers the brand generated, reached 471 that day. The stellar performance of their Super Bowl ad continued uphill from there.

The Play-by-Play

  • Saturday, Amazon inexplicably lost nearly 900 subscribers
  • Sunday, they gained back 126 new subscribers
  • But on Monday, they gained 799 new subscribers
  • On Tuesday, they got another 726 more subscribers


Brand: Wix

Platform: YouTube

Wix partnered with DreamWorks to leverage Kung Fu Panda 3 in their Super Bowl commercial.  They posted the video to their YouTube site on Tuesday, and then rode the Super Bowl wave as the views increased each day.

The Play-by-Play:

  • On Tuesday, the video got 336K views - not too shabby.
  • By Saturday, the number had mushroomed to 1.9 million views
  • Sunday brought them up to 3.4 million views. 
  • They kept on rolling on Monday with 3.8 million views.

Brand: Avocados of Mexico

Platform: Twitter

Avocados of Mexico leveraged their funky space/alien theme spot in Twitter to boost their follower count.  Up until the week of Super Bowl, Avocados of Mexico was getting on average about 40 new followers per day.  As game day approached, this number began to trend up.

The Play by Play

  • Saturday: 99 new Twitter followers
  • Sunday: 322 followers
  • Monday: 569 followers


The Super Bowl teaches us that there are great ways to maximize an energy moment beyond the day of the event.  While the ramp-up period is a great way to build excitement and generate demand, the post-event days are just as critical.  Make sure your strategy covers both.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Make the ramp-up your standard.  Plan ahead and make the build-up count.
  • Capitalize on the Monday buzz and look for ways to keep the momentum going.  How about rewarding the “Monday follow-up” crowd with additional new content?

Good luck next year!

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