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Challenges & Solutions of an Email Template Redesign

Email Redesign Tips

Learn how Marriott Rewards redesigned their email template to effectively communicate a brand refresh

By Afton McCann
Jul 12, 2017

Take 2: Marriott Rewards’ 2015 Year-in-Review Campaign Capitalizing on Past Success, Expanding Reach, & Inspiring Engagement

2015 Year-in-Review Campaign

Yes Lifecycle Marketing created a successful year end campaign for Marriott Rewards that capitalized on past success, expanded reach and inspired engagement.

By Afton McCann
Jun 06, 2016

Marriott Rewards' Award-Winning Year-in-Review Email - Why it worked and 3 takeaways for marketers

Learn how Marriott put together one of the most successful campaigns, leading to an 86.1% increase in revenue over the previous two years

Yes Lifecycle Marketing created one of the most successful campaigns for Marriott Rewards to date, leading to an 86.1% increase in revenue.

By Afton McCann
Jan 28, 2016

VIDEO IN EMAIL: THE WHAT, WHY, AND HOW - Best Practices When Incorporating Video in Email (Part 2)

In part 2, we'll share best practices to keep in mind to ensure a smooth user experience.

While there are some rendering risks when including videos in email, those can easily be mitigated with the help of what are called Fallbacks.

By Afton McCann
Dec 02, 2015