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How “List-Bombing” Led to Recent Spamhaus Blacklistings

Spamhaus Blacklistings

Spamhaus began putting several major businesses, marketers, and ESPs on their IP blacklist. These senders were victims of list-bombing.

By Bob Sybydlo
Aug 18, 2016

The soon-to-come European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

(GRP) aims to give EU citizens more control over their privacy

In recent weeks, it seems that both the European Parliament and the European Council are close to finally agreeing on a single data protection policy

By Bob Sybydlo
Oct 22, 2015

Debunking the Myth of 3rd Party Email Certification

Marketers frequently ask our analysts the same question:

Does third-party email certification actually work?

By Bob Sybydlo
Sep 24, 2015

Microsoft Rolls out a New Feature that may remind you of Gmail’s Promotions Tab

On June 15th, 2015, the ‘Clutter’ feature will be turned on for all Office 365 users.

Microsoft’s ‘Clutter’ feature for Office 365 users was officially announced in March 2014 as an aid that learns from each user’s email habits and activities.

By Bob Sybydlo
Jun 11, 2015

Internet Service Providers: Who watches the watchers?

deliverability issues at AOL

This past weekend (Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, March 22) a very large number of email marketers saw their emails deliver to the AOL "bulk" (or "spam") folder...

By Bob Sybydlo
Mar 26, 2015

Dedicated or Shared IP – Which is right for you?

Shared vs. dedicated IP mailing structure.

There has been a lot of buzz recently debating the pros and cons of a shared vs. dedicated IP mailing structure

By Bob Sybydlo
Mar 26, 2014

RIP Facebook Email (Nov 2010 – March 2014)

Facebook plans to have everything shutdown by early to mid-March this year.

Facebook has made the decision to close down its three-year-old email service – for good.

By Bob Sybydlo
Mar 05, 2014

Gmail Adds Unsubscribe Button to Top of Marketing Emails

Gmail's new feature

After a series of several important changes last year, Gmail has added a prominent “unsubscribe” button on the right-hand side of the header field in promotional emails.

By Bob Sybydlo
Mar 03, 2014

Images Now Showing on Gmail - What This Means for Marketers

Key questions for marketers to consider

On Thursday Google announced an update to how email images will appear within Gmail.

By Bob Sybydlo
Dec 16, 2013

Microsoft Also Recycling Email Accounts

Despite the backlash, Yahoo! moved ahead with their plans.

Earlier this year, on July 15th to be exact, Yahoo! began freeing up email accounts that had been “inactive” or “dormant” for 12+ months.

By Bob Sybydlo
Oct 10, 2013