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4 reasons why email marketers need to know about DMARC and email security

Additional key reasons that illustrate importance of DMARC

DMARC is quickly becoming a critical best practice for email marketers:

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Jun 04, 2015

Google Calls It a Day with Gmail Grid View

Gmail Grid View

A little over a year after introducing a Pinterest-style view of email in users’ promotions tab, Gmail has reverted back to solely offering subject lines in a list format...

By Brad Van Der Woerd
May 04, 2015

Gmail Launches Inbox, an Email App That Works for You

The free app, available on an invite-only basis at the moment

Gmail evolves email with new Inbox app, available on an invite-only basis for now...

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Oct 23, 2014

Combating Email Phishing and Preserving Authentication with DMARC

What is DMARC?

We all receive enough phishing emails into our inbox to know that cybercrime and email security concerns are on the rise..

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Apr 02, 2014

Gmail Tests Grid View Feature in Promotions Tab

As Gmail rolls into trial mode, Yesmail will monitor the new feature closely

Gmail users with the Promotions tab enabled can sign up to be included in the field trial for grid view and if selected, marketing emails will appear in a Pinterest-like format instead of as a list of standard subject lines.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Mar 27, 2014

Deliverability Recap - Reaching the consumer’s inbox during the 2013 Holiday Season

2013 Holiday Performance

With the race to the consumer’s inbox heating up, marketers are starting their holiday email program earlier than ever based on data collected between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday 2013.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Feb 04, 2014

A Detailed Look at Email Consent and Canada’s New Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)

CASL will be coming into effect July 2014

We’ve outlined key tenets of the new law in order to help marketers better understand how CASL will impact their email marketing programs.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Dec 18, 2013

Yahoo! Recycling Email IDs - What This Means for Marketers

Yahoo announced, earlier in June, that they are going to be freeing

If you’ve been staying up-to-date on Yahoo’s recycled ID plans, you’re likely aware that we are in the midst of an important time period.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Jul 22, 2013

Yahoo! Releasing Inactive Email Addresses

Yesmail’s Deliverability team has spent time reviewing this upcoming change, which Yahoo! says will take effect on July 15th.

It’s important for all marketers to fully understand what impact this change will have on sending email to Yahoo and for maintaining a strong reputation with this major ISP. Overall, any email marketer that is already following deliverability best practices shouldn’t be too concerned about Yahoo!’s upcoming changes. On the other hand, if you aren’t following the rules, now is a good time to start. To help you understand how some basic deliverability best practices apply to Yahoo!’s update, we’ve outlined a few key categories for you below.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Jun 24, 2013

What Gmail’s New Sorting Feature Means – For Users and Marketers

Google will give Gmail users the option to organize their inbox into categories.

Over the next few weeks, Gmail’s 425 million users will notice that something’s different. The world’s largest email service (it blew past now-defunct Hotmail in terms of unique users) will soon offer a feature that automatically filters incoming emails into separate tabs based on the type of each message.

By Brad Van Der Woerd
Jun 05, 2013