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Finding Your Way Through The Clouds

Cloud solution

In choosing a cloud solution for your digital marketing platform you may technically find the “right” answer, but in reality it could be wrong. Not all solutions are alike. Some are focused on technology and not strategic services. Others do not provide for a point for omni-channel solutions. Some do not provide data solutions and some technologies are a loosely tied collection of applications.

By David Stodd
Dec 11, 2015

The "beast" of professional sports renewed its legacy this weekend

Super Bowl

“It starts with a whistle and ends with a gun.” That was the first line of Ed Sabol’s 1966 film “They Call it Pro Football” intoned by legendary voice John Facenda. Yes, the NFL is back and the road to Super Bowl 50 has officially begun.

By David Stodd
Sep 15, 2015

A Catch Made in Heaven: Major League Baseball and Triggered Emails

Baseball and Triggered Email

The MLB season gives marketers the opportunity to develop relevant interactions with subscribers virtually every day through triggered emails...

By David Stodd
Apr 03, 2015

Shooting for Customer Engagement around March Madness Bracketology

Understanding the dynamic of the NCAA Tournament is what makes it a unique opportunity for marketers to have an extended conversation with customers...

By David Stodd
Mar 11, 2015

Create a Plan to Reach Your 2015 Marketing Goals

Your 2015 Marketing Goals

When it comes to marketing resolutions, you have to make a game plan to reach your objectives...

By David Stodd
Jan 12, 2015