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Getting your direct mail campaign ready for the holiday's

Holiday Season

We're moving into the most lucrative season of the year - Christmas. As a marketer, this is the time you've planned, budgeted, and waited for all year. You've spent long hours working with merchandising to make sure you have the right discounts and prices in place, your messaging is getting its final touches, and you're ready to reap all the rewards for your hardwork. But, have you made sure to pay attention to your data?

By Eric Niebergall
Oct 29, 2015

Direct Mail 101: Increasing Mail Deliverability Through NCOA

Direct Mail

In part two of our series on data hygiene, we discuss the importance of utilizing National Change of Address (NCOA) on your mail file. In case you missed it, part one discussed why address hygiene is not a complete solution for direct mail marketers.

By Eric Niebergall
Jun 24, 2015

Why Address Hygiene Is An Incomplete Solution


Without clean data, your marketing campaigns will not reach their full potential. And while many marketers believe that running their file through an address hygiene process equals a clean file, this is simply not true. Address hygiene will only tell you that the address is valid. There are a few additional steps marketers can take to improve their direct mail file before the next campaign drop.

By Eric Niebergall
Jun 16, 2015