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From Email to PowerPoint: Your content needs to break up... its time. (PART 4)

Learn the basics of designing your PowerPoint presentations

This 4th installment of the Design blog series will address content. Why? Because, chances are, you cram too much content onto a single PowerPoint slide.

By Gregg Hecht
Jan 26, 2016

From email to PowerPoint: Four tips to keep slides looking their best (PART 3)

Welcome to the third part of our blog series dedicated to branding.

In this post, we’ll tackle a common business tool that can have a great impact on the way your brand is perceived; PowerPoint.

By Gregg Hecht
Dec 09, 2015

From email to PowerPoint: Three tips to ensure you’re using brand colors effectively (PART 2)

Welcome to the second installment of our blog series dedicated to branding.

Part two of this series focuses on color and goes hand in hand with our overarching theme of consistency.

By Gregg Hecht
Oct 14, 2015

From email to PowerPoint, THREE ways to keep your branding spot on (part 1)

Branding design tips

Maybe you’re giving directions on creative and need to advise on an aspect of branding.

By Gregg Hecht
Sep 16, 2015