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4 Steps to Creating a Cross-Channel Win Back Strategy

Win back efforts

Marketers should harness the major benefits of creating a cross-channel win back strategy in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

By Kimberly Snyder
Nov 05, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: February

Improve February engagements with these holidays and events

February is filled with opportunity to celebrate, engage and excite subscribers. Check out some ideas in our customer-centric marketing calendar.

By Kimberly Snyder
Jan 24, 2017

A Cross-Channel Approach to Transactional Communications

To cater to consumer expectations, marketers should leverage a cross-channel approach.

Brands should consider incorporating cross-channel transactional touch points as part of their communication strategy.

By Kimberly Snyder
May 24, 2016

4 Steps to Organic Growth

Organic Growth

In this post, I will go over four organic opportunities that you can implement to help you build an organic growth strategy.

By Kimberly Snyder
Jan 15, 2016

5 Key Email Opportunities to Implement This Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Enhance and optimize your most effective marketing programs for the holiday season with these five key opportunities and increase KPIs this year.

By Kimberly Snyder
Nov 13, 2015

4 Steps to Creating a Customer-Centric Loyalty Program

Customer-Centric Loyalty Program

By leveraging multiple channels, customer data and a scalable loyalty program framework, brands can build a relationship with their customers

By Kimberly Snyder
Sep 30, 2015