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The Launch of iOS 10 and its impact on email marketing

iOS 10

In September Apple released a new version of its operating system, iOS 10, and with it came many major enhancements to the way we develop email campaigns.

By Kyle Henderick
Nov 14, 2016

3 Tips for Retailers to Conquer the 2016 Holiday Season and Beyond

Retailers need to evolve their purchase process

Halfway through the year means there are still a few months left to adjust your marketing strategies in order to hit those very optimistic revenue projections you were assigned for 2016.

By Kyle Henderick
Jun 01, 2016

3 easy-to-implement ideas to boost your Black Friday campaigns

Email tips for Black Friday email campaigns

It’s officially crunch time for the holiday season and, not surprisingly, the actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday days get all the attention.

By Kyle Henderick
Nov 04, 2015

Learning from Retail Digital Marketing Trends in the 2011 Holiday Season

2011 Holiday Season Trends

When looking back, a record number of email marketing campaigns were sent out to help fuel a sales increase. They did just that, as analysts' reports showed a between 15-20% growth for Cyber Monday alone. After learning this and being a data geek, I couldn't wait for Kristin and Jason to take a deeper dive into the actual data and trends behind retailers' digital approaches this 2011 holiday season.

By Kyle Henderick
Jan 30, 2012

4 Ways to Utilize Twitter to Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list

Using our soon to be released Market Intelligence tool, our Strategic Services team discovered that over the holiday period, online retailers were sending approximately four tweets to every one email, often staggering an 'offer tweet' in between 3-4 'engagement tweets'. Twitter is a great channel for interacting with current and prospective followers and it can also be utilized to spread the word on special promotions and grow your email list. There are three simple steps to follow to make this happen:

By Kyle Henderick
Jan 23, 2012