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The Dawn of Digital Marketing: A Brief History of Email

Email has come a long way

Whether it’s a friendly greeting from an old friend, an evite to a party, or a shipment notification for an item purchased online, we take email for granted.

By Marie Galo
Jan 12, 2017

Election Flashback: Revisit How Smart Email Marketing Led to a Stunning Presidential Win

Smart Email Marketing

By the time President Obama won the presidency in 2008, he had successfully collected approximately 13.5 million email addresses1 – a number unprecedented for any other presidential campaign ever, especially given this was the first time email marketing strategy was used as an instrumental tool during an election.

By Marie Galo
Aug 24, 2016

How Gmail Changed Email Marketing: Tips for Marketers to Adapt to the New Standard

Gmail's most important features

Not only does Gmail integrate several digital tools in its interface, including Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Google Drive, but it constantly strives to innovate the email experience for its users, sometimes presumably at the expense of marketers.

By Marie Galo
May 10, 2016

Target: Effective Marketing through a Data-Driven Approach

Learn WHY and HOW did Target® know a shopper was pregnant before her father did. Hint: it has something to do with the benefits of data-driven marketing

The familiar story of a baffled Target customer gets a new spin: the importance of data-driven marketing and the benefits it can bring to a brand.

By Marie Galo
Mar 23, 2016