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One Brand, One Mission, One Partner

One Brand, One Mission, One Partner

With the ever-growing complexity of the marketing landscape, Yes Lifecycle Marketing is striving to be the SINGLE partner brands look to for all their marketing needs.

By Michael Fisher
Apr 20, 2017

Three Challenges Marketers Face Over and Over

Marketing Challenges

Top Marketing Challenges: effectively using collected data; accurately attributing value to specific marketing channels; denying that Mobile is here to stay.

By Michael Fisher
Jul 29, 2015

Big Data in 2015

Big Data

Long gone are the days when marketers could operate by instinct alone. Technology and big data are transforming marketing, and IDC predicts that the big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion this year. Though big data has been the talk of the town for a while now, how many marketers are actually using it to their full advantage?

By Michael Fisher
Mar 03, 2015

Everything a Marketer Needs, All Under One Roof

But how can companies satisfy customers if their marketing teams aren’t even integrated?

Yes Lifecycle Marketing, an Infogroup subsidiary, aligns technology, data, analytics and agency services.

By Michael Fisher
Jan 30, 2014

Thank You for an Exciting, Transformative 2013

While 2013 was a successful year in every respect.

2013 was a successful year for Yes Lifecycle Marketing, and it has been an interesting one, as marketers are accelerating demands around email.

By Michael Fisher
Dec 19, 2013

Only the Savviest Digital Marketers Can Thrive

There’s an array of additional data marketers can leverage to segment customers for more targeted marketing campaigns.

While most marketers say that having a 360-degree view of customers would increase revenue, many struggle when it comes to applying insights beyond just demographics—gender, age, marital status, income—and transaction history—products/services purchased and spend.

By Michael Fisher
Jul 29, 2013

Elevating the Customer Lifecycle for Artfact

Yesmail elevated their customer lifecycle in ways their former provider couldn’t.

Artfact is the world’s largest live auction marketplace – and we recently won their business! For a little background, through their web properties, Artfact gives over 30 million unique bidders a year unprecedented access to over 160,000 auctions via more than 25,000 individual auction houses globally, with a combined value of over $25 billion. BUT they knew they needed to further enhance their customer relationship management efforts.

By Michael Fisher
Jun 14, 2013

Connecting the Data Dots

Data-Rich and Insight-Poor

In this day and age, many marketers exist in a paradoxical state: they’re data-rich but insights-poor.

By Michael Fisher
Jan 21, 2013

Yesmail Interactive - Moving Forward

Yesmail Interactive also received top scores for:

We at Yesmail Interactive are incredibly honored to be included in the most recent Forrester Wave™ for email marketing vendors. We have much to be excited about as we received perfect scores for:

By Michael Fisher
Jan 27, 2012