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Creative Inbox: Banana Republic’s Countdown to Email Success

What's a cool email marketing campaign you've seen lately? Let us know in the comments.

In order to incorporate an accurate countdown in the email, the message would have to be connected to an external source serving up a real-time clock. This would not be impossible in terms of email design, but it would require a lot of extra moving parts. What really makes Banana Republic's design smart is that instead, the clock is an animated GIF file embedded into a static surrounding image, calling for smaller animation and fewer moving parts.

By Mike Kippenhan
Apr 02, 2013

Creative Email Inspiration from Portlandia - The Journey

So What About The Journey

So today, I'd like to offer one hidden gem, one element of urban life that's not only a terrific reminder of "the journey", but also damn fun to watch: tower cranes.

By Mike Kippenhan
Mar 16, 2012