Business Data and Database Solutions

Businesses today cannot afford to sit idly by while the data they have goes obsolete. Our comprehensive data and database solutions provide businesses in today’s fast pace world the information and technology they need to keep their information current, actionable and most importantly, help sell their services.

Business Database

Our business database is your source for marketing and business intelligence.  Our data connects with millions of businesses on a daily basis, servicing 85% of the Fortune 100, powering the top search engines, and providing points of interest data to most in-vehicle navigation systems in North America.

  • Total U.S. Business Assets: 37.4 million records
  • New Business (12-mo) File: 2 million records
  • Prospect (pre-verified) File: 6.8 million records
  • Verified Business File: 16.2 million records
  • Suspect File: 11.5 million records
  • Nixie (out-of-business) File: 900 thousand records
  • Canadian Business File: 1.5 million records

Data Management

Businesses today create and take in a lot of data.  Having the right infrastructure and set of policies in place will help you to make sense of this data and create a culture of business intelligence within your company, while maintaining a system of accurate data.

  • Data integration: we will bring all of your customer and prospect data together quickly, accurately and consistently.
  • Data processing: our integrated suite of solutions is backed by over 40 years in cleaning and enhancing customer files. 
  • API solutions: our API solution will make sure you have the data you need, when you need it.

Database Technology

Our database technology, Marketzone, will help you reach the prospects you need to help grow your business and increase the current growth of your active customers.  Powered by the top customer management technologies in the industry, Marketzone is the ultimate business database solution.

  • Improved targeting: with hands on-access to a complete and accurate data-set, Marketzone enables marketers to design campaigns that drive success.
  • Higher customer retention and prospect activation: we enable marketers to better manage their most valuable customers and prospects and create more loyal advocates.
  • A hosted, worry free solution: our focus and expertise keeps you on the cutting edge of database developments.