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VP, Marketing & Direct Sales See’s Candies

We have built an exceptional partnership with Yes Lifecycle Marketing and they have been extremely responsive to the changing needs of our business. They are a trusted resource and are often our first phone call to understand how to best leverage our data for new marketing initiatives."

Director, Email Marketing NBTY

Yes Lifecycle Marketing's Deliverability Intelligence tool is phenomenal. It provides a detailed view of our inboxing rates by ISP and includes deliverability data beyond anything we’ve seen in the market. It enables us not only to monitor our campaigns, and identify any issues that require attention, but it also provides a great gage for our segmentation practices. It shows us what programs and audience segments need attention based on how they inbox and enables us to fine-tune them accordingly. As an added bonus, it is extremely easy to use compared to other tools out there."

Marketing Specialist Lands’ End

One of the most important tasks we accomplished working with Yes Lifecycle Marketing and utilizing their industry expertise and cross-client learnings, was identifying a true opportunity to not only drive incremental revenue, but overall engagement that translates to customer loyalty. That’s what the lifecycle trigger program did for us and that’s where Yes Lifecycle Marketing's partnership and experience in the retail industry proved instrumental for our success."

Email Marketing Manager Spark Networks

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s Deliverability Intelligence tool is clean and user-friendly. It provides inboxing reports for our campaigns within minutes of deployment, and captures all critical need-to-know deliverability metrics. If an issue needs to be addressed, we can always rely on Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s deliverability team for investigation and resolution. That is… if they haven’t resolved it already. We are sending different types of email campaigns linking to different sites and they experience different types of deliverability challenges. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s Deliverability Intelligence has helped us monitor all of them – if our authentication breaks, we know immediately; if we start bulking at Gmail, we can make targeting changes; if we are blacklisted, we can take care of it promptly. Since deliverability can make or break an email program, these are critical issues to be aware of. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s deliverability team is great about noticing problems and reaching out to ISPs to mitigate them on our behalf or giving us actionable suggestions on changing our practices to achieve optimal inboxing."

Director of Marketing ZAGG

Yes Lifecycle Marketing provides amazing digital marketing tools to help us reach our customers, which is crucial for a company like ours with a strong online presence. We are excited to partner with Yes Lifecycle Marketing and look forward to working with their team."

Senior Manager, Strategy and Analytics See’s Candies

Prior to engaging Yes Lifecycle Marketing, our team had conducted our own brand research that had pretty good results due to our extremely loyal fan-base.  We felt that we only scratched the surface with some of the brand research that we had done.  We felt that we could layer in additional segments to help verify our findings and quantify the investment that we wanted to make.  We really believed that gaining a deeper understanding of our customers would help us be successful in creating lifetime value.

Senior Manager, Strategy and Analytics See’s Candies

We always knew we had male buyers, but we had no idea how valuable he was to our portfolio until Yes Lifecycle Marketing showed us.

Email Marketing Specialist The Penny Hoarder

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s cross-channel communications platform and outstanding service team are a major driver of the new initiatives we have been able to implement and the success they’ve reaped.  The flexibility of Yesmail360i has allowed us not only to consistently analyze our digital marketing program but also improve it every step of the way. We are lucky to have found a technology partner that moves as fast as we do and enables us to realize our vision.”

Marketing Retention Manager Silver Star Brands

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s digital and direct marketing expertise enabled us to automate triggered email campaigns, eliminate excess spend on inactive customers, and ultimately increase revenue."

Director, Email Marketing NBTY

For a tool that provides this amount of complex multichannel data, Yesmail Market Intelligence is a lesson in how to design a user-friendly interface. The data visualization it boasts is better than anything I’ve seen. More importantly, it clearly pinpoints impactful campaigns that result in spikes in engagement. It clearly shows us who we can learn from and what we need to improve."