In the age of the empowered customer, consumers are managing their relationship with brands, rather than the other way around. These consumer-managed relationships can be difficult to navigate for marketers who often have to overcome the fragmented and uncoordinated nature of many marketing organizations. Brands must deliver relevant and targeted communications to their customers regardless of offer, channel, or segment, and they must do so in a coordinated fashion.

Marketers need solution providers that make it easier for them to reap benefits from their marketing programs:

  • Data-driven insights to understand customer behavior and what’s relevant
  • Strategies that leverage channels customers use
  • Content and creative that are consistently engaging
  • Technology that is reliable, scalable, and affordable
  • A professional service model that facilitates a true partnership

Key benefits of a partnership with a full-services and technology provider:

Ensuring all messaging is coordinated across all channels, i.e. email, direct mail, social, and web.   This becomes central to all communications along each stage of the customer lifecycle. 

Ensuring that the complementary disciplines required for effective orchestration are delivered in a seamless, holistic manner, rather than through a variety of disjointed service providers.

Employing the skill sets, technological capabilities, and expertise required to deliver orchestrated lifecycle communications.

Measuring and analyzing the effect of orchestrated multichannel customer communication across the entire customer lifecycles.   

Yes Lifecycle Marketing provides an innovative full-service approach to lifecycle marketing. It was formed to integrate what has been traditionally delivered in a disjointed fashion – data, technology, analytics and insights, communication strategies and creative. Now, this fully aligned approach gives today’s marketer a single service and technology provider with definitive practice disciplines delivered in an integrated services model.