Customer Data Integration

The methodology you apply toward aggregating customer information is critical to creating an effective Customer Data Integration (CDI) strategy that provides a single view of the customer.

Having a solution to maintain a unique and persistent ID, which identifies individuals, households and addresses across channels, throughout your enterprise is essential.  Our sophisticated CDI solution brings all of your customer information together quickly, accurately and consistently.


  • Maintain a unique and persistent Customer ID
  • Access the service seamlessly and ensure operational efficiencies
  • Automate the update process to apply newly collected data against the existing profiles of your customers and prospects


A successful CDI strategy and technology solution will lead to a dramatic increase in the success of your multichannel marketing efforts.  This persistent ID methodology will allow you to recognize, market to, and service customers in a whole new way.


With our CDI solution, we deliver an effective methodology that includes the strategy, processing and technology required to achieve a single, complete and accurate view of the customers and prospects combining all sources of customer data, legacy systems, lines of business and channels.