Data Processing Solutions


A clean database is the foundation of building a successful database marketing campaign.

  • We are a full provider of USPS® Postal products as well as Infogroup Proprietary Postal Products.
  • Standardize, update and validate addresses
  • Score names/addresses for value


By suppressing low-value or unresponsive prospects from mailing lists, marketers can focus efforts on more valuable targets and maximize marketing dollars.

  • Suppress unresponsive prospects, current customers
  • Flag files listed on Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, Moved Away and Deceased lists, as well as many other suppression options
  • Focus on building revenue while eliminating wasteful spend

Data Enhancement

Get a better understanding of your market through enhanced business and consumer data.

  • Target more effectively to increase response rates
  • Develop strategies based on consumer and business demographics
  • Select from over 200 consumer demographic and psychographic selects and over 150 business selects


We offer a customizable proprietary merge/purge solution to make sure only the best records are used in all marketing initiatives.

  • Eliminate duplicates in customer files
  • Merge separate files and keep only the best record
  • Customize and adjust to meet any particular business need

Postal Qualification

Data is constantly going out of date.  We ensure you’re always working with the best data available.

  • Save money with less returned mail
  • Boost response rates by using correct addresses
  • Connect with all your customers, even those that have relocated