As email continues to grow as a major customer engagement channel, reaching the inbox becomes more challenging for marketers. Yesmail’s Deliverability Intelligence and Data Hygiene Intelligence capabilities enable brands to proactively monitor deliverability metrics and maintain a clean subscriber database in order to achieve 100% inboxing.

With Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence, marketers have access to an intuitive, easy-to-use deliverability platform that provides real-time deliverability performance metrics. But Yesmail doesn’t stop at simply providing deliverability stats. Access to Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence is enhanced by a partnership with a dedicated expert who recommends tried-and-true deliverability strategies and manages relationships with ISPs to improve inboxing rates, avoid issues, and promptly solve problems if they occur.

Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence is an all-in-one service consisting of four complementary components:

  • Inboxing – detailed measurement of inbox placement at over 75 global ISPs
  • Creative Rendering – creative previews for email campaigns in over 40 web, desktop, and mobile clients to ensure proper campaign rendering regardless of device and environment
  • Blacklisting –daily and hourly scanning against all major blacklists to maintain optimal sender reputation and avoid major obstacles to deliverability
  • Deliverability Strategy – Experts that translate deliverability metrics into actionable strategies to improve program performance


In addition to monitoring campaign performance, one of the most effective ways to ensure optimal deliverability is to maintain a clean subscriber list. Data Hygiene Intelligence caters to this need by enabling marketers to validate the email addresses of their subscribers at various stages of the customer lifecycle. Real-time data verification, as part of the subscriber opt-in process, is an essential step to ensuring valid information at point-of-entry. On-going list hygiene is critical in identifying closed down or dead accounts, while list scrubs are crucial before high-risk campaigns such as reactivation, or during new ESP on-boarding.

By utilizing Data Hygiene Intelligence, marketers are able to reduce the risk of serious deliverability issues including:

  • Blacklisting
  • Major ISP blocking
  • Excessive bounce rates


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