Email Marketing Platform

We deliver relevant and engaging digital marketing communications designed to reach and exceed business objectives through industry-leading, state-of-the-art email marketing technology. The Yesmail Marketing Platform combines targeted multichannel capabilities and enterprise-level email marketing technology to deliver everything marketers need to identify, convert, and retain customers with long-term value.


Yesmail provides holistic digital marketing solutions that enable step-by-step campaign management at every stage of your program. Effective email marketing goes beyond batch-and-blast message delivery. To stay ahead of the game, marketers need to dig deeper into customer data and develop relevant customer communications. Yesmail’s feature-rich platform makes email optimization easy. Its  dynamic content and personalization tools utilize key customer data to deliver the targeted messages that reach optimal engagement. With  a variety of analytical and tracking capabilities ranging from real-time deliverability and engagement reports to complex benchmarking and predictive modeling, Yesmail’s marketing platform enables brands to measure every aspect of campaign performance and build a 360° view of the customer journey. 


Yesmail’s approach to lifecycle marketing focuses on integrating customer data with actionable strategies to get the most return on your marketing investment. As a highly effective tactic, triggered emails prompted by specific customer behavior or lifecycle event enable marketers to quickly and meaningfully connect with customers. Through Yesmail’s API capabilities and simple integrations with other systems, marketers can easily generate timely and highly personalized triggered emails. Our unmatched data management capabilities, combined with automation tools, enable advanced email marketing optimization resulting in better content management, more sophisticated segmentation, and, ultimately, increased ROI. In addition, Yesmail enables marketers to expand the audience reach of their multichannel campaigns with the use of social and mobile channel-specific tools that deliver interactive messages, catering to the always-on, on-the-go customers. 


Yesmail’s robust infrastructure and email marketing technology make complicated marketing programs easy to implement, configure, and measure across all relevant digital channels. With our component-based framework, marketers can effortlessly customize platform functionalities to create an enterprise–level marketing solution that caters to their brand’s unique business goals. For enhanced security, our user interface is  equipped with safe guards around user authentication that keep cross team sharing smooth while reducing user errors. With our flexible APIs, Yesmail’s platform can easily integrate with external third-party applications, thus enabling marketers to maintain an all-in-one view of their customers, campaigns, and marketing program performance. 


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