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Ivy Shtereva
VP, Marketing

We help our clients keep their finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends by offering them access to our extensive library of whitepapers, on-demand webinars, benchmark reports, and Ask The Expert series of Q&As. We are continuously working to keep our marketing community in-the-know.”

Gmail Deliverability
Understanding, Benchmarking and Improving Gmail Reputation.
Email Personalization Lookbook
Best-in-class campaigns that illustrate different types of personalization. 

Ask the Expert

Reactivation campaigns: Your toolkit to winning back the dreaded inactive customer

Gurjit Sandhu Marketing Specialist

A typical retailer subscriber base has anywhere between 40-70% inactive subscribers. Continuously mailing to this inactive segment or completely ignoring it could weaken your overall conversion rates and lead to significant deliverability issues. Marketers can effectively combat inactivity and bring back those disengaged customers by implementing reactivation campaigns."


Introduction to Mobile Wallet

Kristin Pirazzini Director, Digital Products

As digital channels rise, change, and get adopted by marketers, Yes Lifecycle Marketing wants to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works. One of the unique up-and-coming digital channels that can prove extremely effective for marketers is Mobile Wallet.


The Building Blocks of Inboxing

Ivy Shtereva VP, Marketing

Email volume has grown by 9% in the last year, while unique click rate has dropped by 14%. The higher email volume and lower email engagement have led to a consistent inboxing challenge for most marketers. At the end, it’s simple: the more you send, the smarter you need to be about how, to whom, and from where you send your mailings. A good way to do that is to implement best practices for optimal inboxing.”


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Gmail Clipped My Message: Now What?

Did you know Gmail clips any message that exceeds a 102kb limit?

Suggestions to help you protect your brand from being associated with poor customer experience.

By Christine and Brandon
Aug 06, 2018

5 Email Trends to Consider for Holiday Planning

Capitalize on these trends

Consider how the biggest email marketing trends we’ve seen so far this year might impact your holiday email marketing program.

By Kyle Henderick
Aug 06, 2018

Top 3 Most Effective Strategies of Email Design

Is your brand due for a design refresh?.

By shifting focus to creative, content and coding -- the three C’s of email design -- marketers can optimize email engagement and ultimately conversions.

By Matthew Caldwell
Jul 16, 2018

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