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Using Dynamic Content to Recommend the Next Action Customers Should Take

Mike Penney Managing Director, Agency Services

 Dynamic recommendations answer a valuable question for customers: ‘Based on who you are, what should you do next?”


Questions to ask before choosing an MSP

Sal Pecoraro VP, Marketing Technology and Support

Selecting the right database vendor is not just about technology. It is about how they service and manage your assets in a way that drives results for your marketing organization.


Email testing basics to increase your email conversion rate

Yazmin Harris Analyst

 Email testing can help you optimize various components of your marketing program to ensure that the final email sent has the best conversion rate.


Increasing Engagement, Sales with Real-Time Email Marketing

Jason Warnock VP, Intelligence Products

Although marketers recognize the effectiveness of email in reaching target audiences, many are not taking advantage of the most effective features of that medium. With advances in email marketing automation and concepts like triggered campaigns, marketers can improve email performance and motivate consumers to take action by focusing on more personal, relevant and timely messages.”


The first step in cleansing your mail file

Eric Niebergall Director, Data Processing Products & Services

When deploying a direct mail campaign, take into consideration that running proper address hygiene processes can result in saving you thousands of dollars in wasted postage and undeliverable mail.


Six Questions You Should Ask before Choosing an Email Service Provider

Ed Kuderna Managing Director, Yesmail

The process of selecting and migrating to a new Email Service Provider (ESP) entails diligent preparation and comprehensive evaluation of each candidate, their capabilities, and the overall fit with your organization’s business objectives, technology requirements, and last but not least, culture. Below are six key questions you should ask your prospective new ESP:”


Triggered Campaigns: your Mailing Program's Best Friend

Kyle Henderick Director, Client Services

Consistently engaging subscribers with email content is a challenging task even for the most nimble marketer, especially as email volume continues to grow year-over-year at the expense of engagement. While open and click rates can be improved through a number of different program components and thorough testing, triggered campaigns provide a lift for any marketer’s current program.”


Database Marketing

Sal Pecoraro VP, Marketing Technology and Support

Without a proper database infrastructure in place, you will not be able to effectively engage and communicate with your clients and prospects. Taking the time and understanding what goes into implementing a database will be imperative to your success.


Your first step to a clean file is National Change of Address

Eric Niebergall Director, Data Processing Products & Services

National Change of Address (NCOA) should be the cornerstone of any direct marketers’ mailing initiatives. It is an effective way to keep your customer file as clean as possible while also being a cost-effective solution.