Consumer Preferences vs Marketing Practice: Winning Digital Strategies for This Holiday Season

Did you know...

  • Almost 40% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases at a certain time of day, yet only 5% of email campaigns are sent at this time. Are you sending at the right time?
  • 80% of shoppers are somewhat or heavily influenced by email promotions when making a purchase decision. Do you know which offers seal the deal?

In this webinar, Matt Gault, VP of Channel Strategy at Yesmail Interactive, outlines the results of a marketing study that compared consumer online behavior with the digital marketing practices of 20 major retailers. You'll learn surprising gaps between consumers online behavior, how they use and engage with email marketing and social media campaigns, and how brands launch campaigns; you'll also learn what consumers plan to spend this holiday and what their purchase behavior is likely to be like, particularly in regards with consumers' use of mobile devices and the rise of showrooming. We'll also show you how to use these findings to improve your marketing strategy, so that your marketing campaigns will gain their fair share of consumers' holiday budget this year!