Sales Axle™

Sales Axle™ is a custom sales enablement platform that combines analytics and data processing with email marketing and proprietary and 3rd party data, human-verified and delivered in real-time. Sales Axle™ makes it easy to select the data you need, when you need it, tailored and customized to your business.

Sales Axle™ is a customized platform that provides sales and marketing professionals with high-value sales leads that are verified and enhanced with real-time lead signals. Sales Axle™ incorporates Infogroup’s data and technology infrastructure - Data AxleTM, Yes Lifecycle Marketing's analytic services, the Yesmail email marketing platform, proprietary data, 3rd party data, and human verification phone services.  

Key Sales Axle™ features include:

  • Relevant, qualified, human-verified sales leads
  • Reduced sales cycles, i.e. less time hunting, more time closing
  • Increased net-new revenue and upsell opportunities
  • Sales process optimization
  • Customized lead nurturing, multi-touch email campaigns

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