Analytics & Insights

In the age of Big Data, our Analytics & Insights team does the heavy lifting to analyze all available customer data to develop insights into a marketer’s program, its components, customer behavior, and to quantify program improvement opportunities.

Our analysts integrate behavioral, transactional, demographic, and psychographic data with additional data sources such as primary research, to develop the type of actionable insights that allow marketers to improve customer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

We’re in the business of getting to know your customer so we can provide you the best possible insights on how to most effectively engage and convert them. We do it through:

  • Customer Analysis: our team performs in-depth analysis of your customer data to develop Segmentation, Target Audience Profiles, Acquisition Modeling, and Predictive Modeling. Each of these service components helps marketers paint a complete picture of their subscriber base, best customers, and highest performing programs. 
  • Marketing Program Analysis:  our team performs Lifecycle Campaign and Program Analysis and Forecasts to provide a comprehensive view of each program component, benchmark it against key competitors and major industry trends, identify strengths and areas of improvement, and inform budgeting and program growth decisions. At this level we also perform analysis and can create predictive models to help optimize program-level characteristics such as:  channel usage, number of touches, delivery timing. These are very helpful to support the development of Lifecycle Multichannel and Channel Migration Strategies. Our work also includes the development of Lifecycle Learning and Testing plans.
  • Report & KPI Dashboard Design:  Our deep experience in report design helps clients determine how they should be monitoring and reviewing their programs and customer behavior in order to determine the impact of their marketing and how and when to make adjustments.