With the variety of customer, competitive, and industry data available to marketers today, developing the right communication and channel strategies that incorporate all of it is often a challenge. Our Strategy team works diligently to translate insights from disparate data sources into a cohesive multichannel program that speaks to your customers along each stage of the lifecycle.

Achieving ambitious business goals can be a daunting task for marketers who don’t have a comprehensive view of their technology capabilities, customer preference & behaviors, and the industry & competitive backdrop that often defines customer expectations. Our strategists integrate trends, best practices, and insights from disparate data sources to identify reasonable business objectives and the optimal marketing initiatives to achieve them.

They do so through the following complementary service offerings:

  • Assessments & Recommendations: our strategists take a comprehensive look at your current programs and provide detailed recommendations on ways to optimize and evolve them. Top offerings include Lifecycle Program Strategy & Communication Assessment, Communication & Customer Experience Strategies and Roadmaps, and Competitive Landscape Analysis.
  • Campaign Strategies: based on customer data and technology capabilities, our team customizes your program from initial customer interactions all the way through the entire customer lifecycle through Seasonal Campaigns and Content, Behavioral Campaign Strategy, and Test & Learn Optimization Strategies.
  • On-going Program Reviews: these recurring engagements allow for continuous program optimization through Planning Sessions, Campaign Reviews, and Monthly Executive Summary