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The most important factor in building effective marketing programs is, arguably, knowing your customers and being able to develop 1:1 communications to engage them. This is where reliable and scalable technology is key; it can mean the difference between being buried in unmanageable customer data and being able to instantly turn each number and data point into actionable insights. Yesmail360i does the latter through its superior speed and analytics capabilities.

Turning data into customer analytics in seconds


Speaking of instantly turning numbers into actionable insights, Yesmail360i’s speed is unmatched; to be specific, the data layer of the platform can process millions of rows of data per second. This means marketers have the ability to segment, mine, cross-reference, and overlay customer data in seconds. It also means they can see in real-time how the size of their audience changes as they select and analyze different customer data points.  


Visualize customer attributes


Yesmail360i’s enhanced reporting and data manipulation functionality (which we lovingly refer to as Insight Lab) allows marketers to fully explore the makeup of their customer base by creating a visual representation of any customer data point. By simply dragging and dropping specific customer attributes and looking at the resulting Venn diagrams or cross tabs, users can get an immediate understanding of their audience and gain ready-to-implement insights.   


Analyze customer analytics data


Through its visualization capability, the Insight Lab within the platform allows marketers to take a data science approach to their marketing efforts and dig deep into their data in real time without complex queries or waiting on counts to process and load. This flexibility of Yesmail360i enables users to quickly and efficiently identify the components of their audience they may want to target, test, engage, and convert.


Right person, right time, right channel


Marketers can fine-tune their strategy in order to capitalize on the ready-to-implement insights from Yesmail360i. Analysis of customer behavior and demographic data across in-store, SMS, email, social, display, and web channels can let marketers know when to reach out to their audience or build further momentum for their programs with additional communications. The Insight Lab enables users to quickly use the findings from their analysis to adjust audience segments, tweak dynamic content, and inform reporting to ultimately drive program revenue and ROI. 


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