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The ability to build audience segments is a basic requirement for any marketing tool. We’re never satisfied with achieving the ‘basic’ anything, so we went all out with Yesmail360i’s advanced segmentation functionality. It not only effortlessly creates audience segments radically faster than the competition, but it also integrates every available customer data point across any channel, enabling marketers to build the most appropriate audience segments, informed by their program goals. This is how Yesmail360i’s segmentation functionality stands apart:

All customer data in single repository

A Single Repository for All Customer Data

Segmenting email campaigns based on email activity and subscriber tenure is Email 101; it’s time for marketers to evolve and implement advanced cross-channel marketing programs. The key to doing that is a single, intuitive platform that can house, visualize, and transform extensive customer data spanning email, purchase, web, social, SMS, in-store, and display, into revenue-driving strategy. Yesmail360i makes big data seem small through its lightning speed and advanced data model that focuses on key marketer needs without restricting brands’ ability to explore various consumer data points. Across a variety of channels, marketers can target their high-value customers, lapsed subscribers, active social media contributors, regular in-store purchasers, or any cross-section that their hearts desire.



Create customer segmentation in seconds


Yesmail360i’s unprecedented speed IS something to write home about – timing is everything in the digital age and having time on your side means a major competitive advantage. It means more relevant, timely, and personalized communications that capitalize on your customers’ readiness to purchase within minutes. The Yesmail360i platform delivers the ability to look across billions of events over millions of users within seconds. S-E-C-O-N-D-S. This means that, with Yesmail360i, ‘real-time’ marketing is actually real-time.



Simple & intuitive user interface

Highly Intuitive User Interface and No Technical Training Required

Yesmail360i allows marketers to turn every data point at their disposal into a specific audience segment via a simple drag and drop functionality with no need for custom SQL queries to create advanced cross segments. By dragging and dropping audience attributes, marketers can create segments within segments. For example, they can target female iPhone users who have spent $50-$100 at the Clark Street store in Chicago within the last 30 days. In addition, the functionality enables marketers to build an audience and save it for future or recurrent use.



Behaviorial & demographic attributes for customer segmentation

Enhanced Segmentation with Ready-to-Use Demographic and Behavioral Attributes

In cross-channel marketing great results are a function of relevant communications which come from effective personalization. The underlying goal: getting to know your audience. Marketers understand the importance of painting an accurate picture of their customers but struggle with collecting, validating, and analyzing the necessary data to generate actionable insights. Enter Targeting Data Packs. Fully integrated within Yesmail360i, Targeting Data Packs give marketers on-demand access to consumer data and powerful behavioral indicators. With access to a variety of demographic and behavioral attributes relevant to their business and industry, brands can gain a deeper understanding of how different audience segments interact with their campaigns and subsequently deliver more targeted and personalized communications, generating more revenue and loyalty.


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Customer segmentation by engagement & purchase behavior

Segmentation Defined by Customer Engagement and Purchase Behavior

Yesmail360i offers real-time scoring of engagement levels, defined by the marketer and based on the brand’s purchase cycle, business objectives, and program goals. We call it Engagement Analyzer. With this functionality marketers are able to gain an understanding of what their most (and least) engaged audience segments look like and incorporate lifecycle strategies to move consumers from one engagement bucket to the next. This ultimately increases each consumer’s individual value, as well as overall program revenue.


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