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The benefits of being able to plan a cross-channel marketing campaign are undeniable; it enables brands to provide a personalized experience with the CUSTOMER at the center. It facilitates conversion, drives revenue, improves ROI, and increases brand value. But with the undeniable benefits of cross-channel campaign planning, come the categorical barriers marketers have to overcome – inability to adjust or customize strategy in real-time, need to navigate multiple deployment platforms, cost and complexity of data integration, lack of flexibility, and many more.

Having identified these barriers as pain points for a lot of our customers, we developed the Yesmail360i platform to tackle them through the following advanced Campaign Planning components:

Cross-Channel Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning: The Cross-Channel Experience

The intuitive interface of Yesmail360i allows marketers to group different touchpoints across each channel that’s part of their marketing mix; this means brands can build beginning-to-end cross-channel campaigns not only in a single platform, but in a single screen. Yesmail360i’s flexibility also enables users to develop conditional workflows based on each consumer’s preferred communication channel, thus eliminating the need for multiple deployment tools. 




Cross-channel experience, 360 view of the customer

360 View of the Customer

Having a comprehensive view of their customers lets marketers create campaigns that deliver a personalized cross-channel experience and generate consistent engagement. Yesmail360i’s campaign planning integrates purchase, channel preference, and response data from email, web, SMS, push, display, social, in-store along with demographic, location, behavioral, and attitudinal data to optimize program effectiveness and provide a robust understanding of the customer. 




Easy to use interface

Ease of Use

Yesmail360i enables marketers to plan cross-channel campaigns – from inception to management – in a single platform. Campaign planning includes a simple drag and drop functionality that lets brands build a single communication flow across all channels they utilize. It also lets them add and remove steps, change logic and adjust timing in the visual workflow that is easy to read and alter. 


Test cross-channel campaigns in real-time

Integrated Testing

One of the biggest challenges with many campaign planning tools is their inability to test and optimize cross-channel campaigns in real-time.

Yesmail360i introduces an integrated testing functionality that allows for split and multivariate testing within campaign planning. Tests are part of the customer journey flow and can be deployed across any channel – email, social, display, SMS, and push. When tests are run in campaign planning, the winner is automatically selected and deployed when the campaign restarts, thus ensuring optimal response.


Advanced Campaign Planning

Advanced Campaign Planning

Yesmail360i boasts a highly intuitive and visual campaign planning functionality that enables marketers to seamlessly manage the customer journey. The platform allows users to associate different creative assets with their campaign flow and set a variety of rules to determine when consumers will get one creative over another, at what campaign stage, and via what channel. All of these rules are defined by each customer’s channel preference, updated in real-time.


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