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It’s undoubtedly fun to talk (and think) about the limitless opportunities that Yesmail360i provides for marketers to engage their customers. But we can’t ignore the slightly less fun but equally important conversation about the platform’s nimble framework, impenetrable security, unparalleled stability, and flexible API.

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Yesmail360i’s framework is built on a component-based architecture that provides security, flexibility, and optimal performance for the platform. With this framework as the foundation, marketers can build an enterprise-class marketing environment tailored specifically to their individual needs. Its component-based architecture means that brands can quickly and easily incorporate additional functionality without the need for expensive IT resources. 


Security and customer data protection


Since we serve THREE out of the four major US credit card networks, security and customer data protection is a top priority. With security breaches and phishing attempts at an all-time high, ensuring that your brand’s and your customers’ data is protected has never been more challenging. We strive to keep our clients’ minds at ease. In order to do that, we have developed rigorous security protocols that provide a system of checks and balances as well as consistent security testing to keep data safe. In addition, Yesmail360i’s user interface is built with safeguards that make organizational sharing simple while limiting user errors and increasing security by using industry-leading best practices around user authentication and account protection. 


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Integration is seamless for Yesmail360i


Integration is seamless for Yesmail360i, which provides import tools directly in its user interface, boasts the ability to batch imports, and offers real-time APIs. Our flexible APIs deliver improved data-throughput, concrete stability, fewer IT-related disruptions, and faster implementation for new and custom functionality. They are designed for integration with any third-party application which gives marketers complete access to all their customer data. Our rich APIs also allow for advanced campaign triggering as our solution fully integrates with web analytics, content management systems, social media channels, eCommerce platforms, and recommendation engines. The ability to customize our APIs is what sets us apart; truly flexible technology should always adapt to the user’s needs, not the other way around.


Technology Partners

We recognize and understand the importance of integrating and partnering with technologies to achieve a greater marketing efficiency. From web analytics to eCommerce, a streamlined integration with our email marketing platform provides complete customer insight and optimized campaign performance.


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