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The advanced functionalities and intuitive interface of Yesmail360i that enable marketers to effortlessly implement sophisticated, cross-channel marketing programs in real-time, from a single platform, come full circle with the solution’s robust, flexible, and scalable campaign reporting.  

Campaign reporting across channels

Cross-Channel Performance Measurement

Reporting for Yesmail360i spans across all channels a brand utilizes and manages through the platform – SMS, push, email, display, web, and social. Performance for each channel is measured in real time and can be accessed on demand for immediate insight into a campaign’s success. Each channel report includes at-a-glance metrics that provide an overview of campaign performance and ability to pivot results around specific data points. From click map reporting, to forward to a friend and customer history reports, to social media campaign performance reports, SMS and push campaign read reports, all reporting is seamlessly integrated in the Yesmail360i platform.  


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