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Marketers need to simultaneously grow their customer database while maintaining their sender reputation. Through a unique combination of tools and services, you can attract and convert more subscribers without having to send acquisition emails or purchase 3rd party lists.

Organic subscriber growth

Generate More Subscribers Organically

Subscriber base growth is an important metric for determining marketing effectiveness but it often negatively affects sender reputation.  With our Customer Generator  tool, marketers are able to expand the reach of their email campaign to their email subscribers’ social networks. This allows your current customers to amplify your brand message and generate more organic subscriber growth. Each share, click on the post, subscription, and purchase is tracked and attributed to the right channel and program.  


Identify brand advocates

Define and Retain Your Brand Advocates

It’s no surprise that the most valuable subscriber segment in a marketer’s database includes the brand advocates.  It’s often hard to identify them and even harder to measure their value.  Customer Generator enables brands to identify those elusive advocates and track the engagement and revenue each ‘share’ generates. This information can be very valuable to marketers who can develop campaigns to incentivize social sharing for their most valuable subscribers, thus increasing their campaigns’ exposure and generating organic subscriber growth as a result of digital word-of-mouth.


Sweepstakes for customer data acquisition

Utilize Sweepstakes and Incentives

To acquire more customers, a targeted and custom sweepstakes campaign can prompt a quick response from your audience. Encouraging them to share the campaign on their social networks utilizing an additional incentive will help to spread the campaign organically. Using this type of campaign in conjunction with Customer Generator will help you acquire more customers and grow your subscriber base.


Co-registration for customer data acquisition

Tap into Co-Registration

Sometimes it makes sense for you to collaborate with a brand with a similar customer demographic.  Utilizing co-registration allows marketers to include checkboxes on another brand’s landing pages in order to acquire new subscribers for their email list. This tactic enables marketers to extend their brand’s reach in a targeted way with limited risks.


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