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Data enhancement, like matching emails or mailing addresses to attributes like gender, age, marital status, children, etc. will allow you to create more targeted and relevant communications that resonate with each of your audience segments and drive better results.

Understand your audience with data enhancement

Discovering Who Your Audience is

To bridge the gap between data and execution, Yesmail360i boasts built-in, ready-to-use behavioral and demographic attributes (which we affectionately call Targeting Data Packs) that give marketers the opportunity to paint an accurate picture of each of their audience segments. With access to over a hundred demographic and behavioral data points, brands can deliver more targeted and personalized communications across a number of different channels, ultimately generating more revenue and loyalty.  


Create accurate customer profiles with data enhancement

Creating Accurate Customer Profiles

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Enhancing customer data with additional data points allows you to create customer profiles for each of your audience segments. Those profiles facilitate strategy development and help brands deliver relevant communications based on every consumer’s preference and behavior.  


Data enhancement informs better targeting

Identifying Gaps in Your Marketing Programs

Data enhancement helps marketers better understand who they are marketing to and what motivates their audience to interact with their brand and ultimately, purchase. Having this information on hand enables marketers to review their communications and easily assess whether their campaigns are speaking to the audience’s unique characteristics, expectations, and preferences. 


Regularly enhance customer data

Rinse and Repeat

As the amount of data and number of marketing channels continue to grow, it is imperative to regularly enhance your customer data to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.  New data points in your customer file may mean new and actionable ways to personalize communications and build relationships with your audience.


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