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Clean data is the first and one of the most important determinants of ROI; it can make or break a marketing campaign – be it email, direct mail, or SMS. That’s why data hygiene is an essential component of any marketing program. Yes Lifecycle Marketing offers the hygiene tools to help marketers reach consumers wherever they are.  

Email data hygiene

Email Data Hygiene

Optimal inboxing rate is the foundation of successful email campaigns but it can only be achieved through a clean subscriber list. Our proprietary Data Hygiene Intelligence solution enables marketers to verify their subscribers’ email addresses both in real-time and after they’ve joined a mailing program. This important two-pronged approach ensures that only clean new data enters a brand’s database and that existing data is regularly cleansed to remove any invalid, inactive, or closed down accounts.


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Data hygiene for direct mail

Direct Mail Data Hygiene

Direct mail campaigns require a lot of planning, effort, and investment, yet they often fail to reach their intended recipients due to inaccurate mailing data. The result is budget waste and a major loss of opportunity to engage consumers. Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s proprietary direct mail hygiene process relies on a combination of robust steps to ensure data integrity. 


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