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At Yes Lifecycle Marketing, we have a proprietary direct mail data hygiene process called Automated OnePass Super Data Hygiene. It ensures that our clients have deliverable addresses and accurate data which eliminates wasted spend on postage and duplicate mailings. Our process guarantees that more direct mail campaigns reach their intended audience, translating into better response rates and higher revenue. Most importantly, the Automated OnePass Super Data Hygiene process means that marketers can stay connected to their most valuable asset – their customers.

OnePass Super Data Hygiene 

Our OnePass Super Data Hygiene process standardizes, corrects, updates, enhances, validates, scores and de-dupes your database to a pristine state. It incorporates a combination of USPS and proprietary applications into a single pass.

The specific combination of processes and the order in which they are run contribute to the incremental benefits that OnePass Super Data Hygiene has to offer. Our experienced staff will design individual, customized solutions to help you achieve your unique business goals.


Key Features

  • Full Suite of USPS Postal Hygiene Products

  • Proprietary Postal Hygiene Products

  • Full Suite of Pander Suppression Flagging

  • Consumer and Business Referential Data for Record Verification and Augmentation

  • Custom Duplicate Identification

  • Advanced MDM/CDI Capabilities

Key Benefits

Single View of Your Customer

  • 360-Degree View (based on your data and our data)
  • Unique and Consistent IDs

Cleansed Address Data

  • Standardized / Normalized
  • Corrected, Updated, Validated

Valuable Appended Data About Your Addresses

  • Residential vs. Business Addresses
  • Proprietary Mail Scores
  • ZIP+4, Carrier Route, Delivery Point Barcode, Line of Travel

Insights About Your Customers or Prospects

  • Business Firmographics: SIC, Sales Volume, Number of Employees, Out of Business
  • Consumer Demographics: Age, Gender, Income
  • Suppression: Do Not Mail, Do Not Call, Deceased

To learn more about the importance of address hygiene on your mail file and how it can affect the bottom line, check out my Ask Our Experts Question & Answer Series. 

--Eric, Director, Data Processing

Power Data Analysis

Want a FREE analysis of your consumer data file? If you give us a sample dataset, we’ll run it through our industry-leading Power Analysis process at no cost to you. The Power Analysis will provide:

  • An executive summary of the processing results
  • Conclusive measurement of the cleanliness of your address data
  • Duplicate identification
  • A simple profile of your customers
  • ROI analysis of the savings and/or missed revenue opportunities


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