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Yes Lifecycle Marketing is a leader in providing state-of-the-art, hosted database marketing solutions. We are dedicated to consistently delivering the technology and functionality that marketers demand. Our Marketzone suite of database marketing platforms allows brands of all sizes to manage data and shift seamlessly between customer analytics, business intelligence and cross-channel campaign management. Our clients rely on the experience and tenure of our team to provide, support, and maintain the on-demand business intelligence solutions they need. 


Key Benefits

Reduce campaign cycle time and overall time-to-market

Increase campaign volume

Reduce costs of marketing campaigns

Improve response rates and business results with enhanced campaign targeting

Deepen customer relationships, loyalty, and lifetime value

Enable cross-channel marketing through centralized decisioning and automation

Sal Pecoraro
VP Marketing Technology & Support

We combine best-in-class data assets with innovative database marketing solutions that give clients the tools to execute cross-channel campaigns. Our people and services are what truly sets us apart. The experience and longevity of our team means our clients can count on us to deliver results. That’s what makes us unique."

Key Features

    Plan, design, automate, and measure in a single environment.


    Target individual consumers across channels with integrated profiles containing preference, purchase, loyalty, and value data.

    Ensure consumers receive contextual offers in any channel via a centralized offer management engine.

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