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Marketzone, our suite of customer-centric database solutions, puts business intelligence and powerful customer engagement tools at the fingertips of busy and challenged marketers. Marketzone integrates data from every available online and offline source to create a truly all-encompassing view of the customer.

Ideal for mid-sized and enterprise clients seeking a hosted database platform, Marketzone offers web-based business intelligence, reporting and campaign management tools that empower marketers to develop, refine and execute sales and marketing strategies that address the up-to-the-minute needs of their customers.


What’s in it for the client?

Improved Marketing ROI

Brands are able to reduce marketing waste and maximize customer profitability through more effective retention and cross-sell / up-sell programs that optimize the overall marketing mix across channels and media.

Superior Targeting

By providing marketers with hands-on access to a complete and accurate data set, Marketzone allows them to design campaigns that drive success through advanced targeting and real-time messaging.

Empowered Asset Management

Yes Lifecycle Marketing services help clients manage their most important asset – customer and prospect data. By providing best-in-class data management services along with compiled data, we create more accurate and robust customer and prospect universes.

Greater Customer Retention and Prospect Activation

Marketzone technology enables marketers to better manage their most valuable customers and prospects and define specific communication strategies that engender loyal advocates.

Higher Customer Profitability and Prospect Conversions

Marketers can identify and invest with confidence in their most profitable customers and prospects throughout their lifecycle.

A Hosted Worry-Free Solution

With the solution landscape changing rapidly, it is difficult to keep up with evolving marketing technology. Our focus on expert services and technical expertise keeps clients on the cutting edge of database marketing developments.

Better Speed to Market

Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s experience in database services means we deploy our solutions swiftly and efficiently, virtually eliminating the learning curve of a year or more often imposed by an in-house solution.

Database platform configuration


Configurable based on the client’s requirements, Marketzone helps B2B and B2C marketers gain the insight they need to optimize retention and acquisition campaigns. By uncovering relationships, patterns and trends within their database, marketers are able to increase the relevance of their marketing messages, improve marketing engagement, and boost their ROI.

The real-time intuitive nature of our applications lets you ask questions and get answers quickly – then take action. Robust campaign management tools allow you to integrate multi-touch campaigns effortlessly, measure the results, and improve effectiveness.


Database platform scalability


The Marketzone customer engagement platforms provide industry leading campaign management software within a data-driven environment. These solutions are efficient and customizable so they can deliver powerful insights about your marketing campaigns.


Value-Added Agency Services

We offer Agency Services to deliver the relevant marketing strategies that clients demand at the scale they require. 

  • Analytics and Marketing Insights

    Analytics and Marketing Insights

    Diagnose issues and measure performance to determine pockets of opportunity and define actionable segments to target.

  • Communication strategies

    Communication and Customer Experience Strategies

    Leverage our insight to define appropriate marketing programs and roadmaps to be deployed on the Marketzone platform.

  • Creative design


    Design the campaigns and elements that will bring relevant customer communications to life across all channels and touch points.

  • Measurement and attribution

    Measurement and Attribution

    Monitor, measure, and refine experiences and creative to maximize the value of your customer communications.


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