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Yes Lifecycle Marketing provides the scaled database marketing technology that brands need to stay a step ahead of their competition. It makes complex marketing programs easy to implement and configure and empowers brands to build valuable long-term relationships with their customers.

By giving marketers the right tools, we enable them to reach the right audience through the right channel with the right message. By offering access to detailed reporting and analytics for each cross-channel marketing campaign within a single platform environment, we empower clients to easily create targeted messages for their customers.

Database structure built to scale

Built to Scale 

The Marketzone suite of database marketing platforms provides a framework that ensures the flexibility and scalability of a truly customized solution. This built-to-scale model helps clients make better financial investments based on where their programs are today and where they want to take them tomorrow.


Data protection

Data Protection

The security of our clients’ customer data and systems is our utmost priority. Yes Lifecycle Marketing takes all necessary steps to ensure that client information is hosted in a secure facility and transmitted in a secure manner through proper channels and protocols.


Custom database development


The Marketzone family of database marketing products offers configuration based on our clients’ needs and business specifications. We partner with the best in the business to provide a solution that will work for each marketer’s specific needs.

Our team of database developers work hand in hand with a client’s IT and marketing teams in order to ensure their solution is built based on their needs and works not just to meet, but to exceed their expectations.


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