Distributed Email Templates

Companies are increasingly placing value on brand consistency in distributed marketing environments. With this, there is a growing need for a simplified way for marketing managers to select the needed content, target their audience, and measure performance of their campaigns while preserving brand integrity.

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Scalable Pre-Defined Functionality, Out-of-the-Box

Distributed Email Template Manager gives brands the ability to establish scalable content guidelines, i.e. header, footer, etc., while allowing regional teams to tailor content to their distinct audience. The tool enables brand managers to review content before deployment, in order to ensure consistent brand message and streamlined campaign execution process.  Distributed Email Template Manager also empowers regional teams (field offices, agents, reps, local stores, franchise owners) to build contact strategies based on target-specific insights and deliver the right content to their customers, compliant with the set brand guidelines.


Key Benefits

  • Corporate brand governance
  • Autonomy at the local level
  • Streamlined distributed email templates
  • Centralized approval process for all content prior to deployment
  • Customizable content embedded into client applications
  • A stand-alone application offering a simplified interface for regional team use
  • Ability to drive more relevant communication to local audiences

With Distributed Email Template Manager, companies with distributed marketing models can provide email marketing technology to their local teams, yet have complete oversight of the campaign execution process, while managing the brand and approved content at a corporate level.

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For the Corporate Brand User:

  • Easily create and add new templates
  • Define which specific content is editable by field users and what is protected
  • Send previews to field users for review and input
  • Approve or deny email campaigns prior to execution
  • Target, schedule, and deploy email campaigns
  • Manage frequency of overall message send
  • Create pivot reports and dashboards to share operational metrics
  • Automate regional campaign effectiveness reports for field users 


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For the Field User:

  • Ability to view all respective regional email communications
  • Create new email communications for corporate brand review
  • Add pre-defined HTML content
  • Apply different combinations of images and verbiage based on same template
  • Choose from a library of assets to create email communications


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