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The Insight Lab and campaign measurement functionalities within Yesmail360i enable marketers to use reporting, analytics, and modeling to turn data into actionable insights that accurately portray their audience, improve customer interaction, and generate higher conversion rates.

Demographic and behaviorial email metrics

Deep Audience Analysis

Yesmail360i’s Insight Lab provides the tools for in-depth data discovery and exploration; it enables marketers to instantly get to know their audience and identify key segments. Users can drag-and-drop any consumer attribute and get their audience breakdown in real-time and in easy-to-read graphs and charts.


Email campaign performance reporting

Comprehensive Performance Reporting

In order to avoid complex queries and report building, Yesmail360i boasts pre-defined reports that measure each component of an email campaign. From standard ones like email bounce and engagement reports, to more complex ones like blacklisting and creative rendering reports as well as customer history, in-flight, and click map reports.


Engagement measurement in email metrics

In-Depth Lifecycle Reporting

With Yesmail360i’s Engagement Analyzer functionality, marketers are able to identify their most and least engaged segments, track how subscribers’ engagement changes, and develop lifecycle email strategies to grow their loyalty, ultimately increasing each subscriber’s individual value, as well as overall program revenue.


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