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Without proper testing, email marketing is a shot in the dark. Yesmail360i offers basic and complex testing functionalities to help marketers identify what works for their audience and what does not. 

The platform enables marketers to:

  • Select the duration of automated tests
  • Target distinct audience segments to test specific customer profiles
  • Pre-define success metrics for each test beyond email opens, clicks, or CTO
  • Automate test analysis and insights
  • Visualize performance for each test version
  • Verify automatically that the test is statistically valid
Test multiple email components in single A/B test

From Manual A/B Testing to Automated A/B/C/D/E Testing

Yesmail360i enables marketers to test more than two versions of an email component in a single A/B test. Can’t choose between two different versions of a call-to-action? Not a problem. Yesmail360i saves marketers time by enabling them to create all testing permutations with a few clicks, so they don’t have to manually create separate emails. No more second guessing.


Multivariate testing

Multivariate Testing Made Easy

Yesmail360i provides a step-by-step wizard that guides marketers through the entire process of setting up multivariate tests and automates many of the steps. This enables users to get all the benefits of multivariate testing without any of the costs (like multiple email versions, statistical expertise, time and resources-consuming, etc.).


Automatic email testing analysis

Testing Analysis

Yesmail360i boasts automatic analysis and intuitive charts and graphs to enable marketers to immediately understand the results of each message variance. Since a single multivariate test can create hundreds of test results, this not only saves time but also decreases the margin of error.


Automatically deploy winner of email testing

Testing Results

One of the biggest challenges of email testing is finding the time and resources to implement the findings. Yesmail360i eliminates the need for users to manually select and enable the test winners. Instead, it automatically verifies that a test is statistically significant and deploys the winner based on pre-defined success criteria and targeting.


Check out my blog post, How Multivariate Testing Improves Targeting and Engagement, for an overview of  the benefits of Multivariate Testing.

--Kara, Technical Email Manager


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