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Triggered emails are the most relevant and timely communications marketers can deliver to their subscribers because they are informed by specific consumer actions or data and deployed within a set timeframe. They are automated and designed to elicit an immediate response.  Triggered emails garner, on average, two and a half times the open rate of business-as-usual-emails and twice their unique click rate.

Triggered Email Campaigns:

  • are relevant because they respond to a specific action taken by the consumer
  • are timely because they immediately follow that action
  • show knowledge of each subscriber
  • demonstrate interest in their actions
  • invite interaction between the brand and the consumer

Types of Triggered Emails

Triggered emails must be generated quickly to meet both the relevance and timeliness criteria that consumers require in order to engage. They generally fall under the following broad categories:

  • Email triggers based on customer lifecycle

    They address each customer’s current relationship with the brand and can include Welcome, Anniversary, Activation, Reactivation, Birthday, Loyalty, and more.

  • Transactional email triggers

    Due to their off-the-charts open rates, these campaigns present a huge opportunity for marketers to build brand loyalty. They include Purchase/Order/Shipping Confirmations, Account Notifications, Returns, Refunds, Backorders, and more.

  • Remarketing email triggers

    These triggers can grow email revenue exponentially. They include Abandoned Shopping Cart, Browse Abandon, Product Recommendation emails and many more revenue-generating campaigns.

Real-time triggers can fall under another category but often stand on their own. They incorporate additional data points to make communications relevant and encourage conversion. 

Email triggers based on weather

Real-time Triggers

Yesmail360i can easily integrate with any tools that deliver real-time notifications. Marketers can schedule email campaigns that speak to their subscribers’ location, and immediate environment, in real-time, thus encouraging interactions and increasing conversions.


email triggers based on location

Location Triggers 

Those are particularly fitting for email, push, or SMS campaigns that utilize consumers’ real-time location (as opposed to the broader city or state they’re located in) to deploy pertinent communications and drive in-store traffic and purchases. 


Email trigger deployment

Flexible APIs = Timely Triggered Campaigns

Stable and flexible APIs are instrumental for prompt and seamless trigger deployment. Through Yesmail360i’s drag-and-drop segmentation and targeting users can easily create triggered emails. The platform’s flexible APIs take care of the rest; they easily integrate with web analytics, display, POS, and ecommerce systems to trigger emails through real-time, bi-directional data feeds.


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