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Our Customer Acquisition Tool, Customer Generator, offers rich attribution tracking of campaign engagement metrics, social shares, and generated revenue that a specific consumer drives for the brand as a result of sharing the email on a social network.  

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We’re looking forward to launching more campaigns using Customer Generator in the future. We were able to leverage the subscribers we already had to expand the reach of our marketing promo across social media. And most importantly, we could accurately measure the impact of the campaign in the end.”

Key Benefits

Organic Acquisition

of new subscribers through a marketer’s existing email subscriber base across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Detailed Tracking

of opens, shares, new subscribers, and revenue as a result of the social share and attribution back to the original poster of the email campaign


and better-performing alternative to social channel display advertising that generates organic digital word-of-mouth

Ability to Identify Brand Advocates

and attach value to each one and develop specific programs to incentivize and retain them

New customer acquisition tool

Organic Subscriber Acquisition, Achieved

Subscriber base growth is an important metric for determining marketing effectiveness. With Customer Generator, marketers are able to expand the reach of their email campaign beyond their email subscribers. With a click of a button, campaign recipients can share brand emails with their networks on a variety of social channels. Customer Generator tracks each ‘share’, campaign click, and purchase resulting from the message, and collects basic information for consumers who interact with the campaign, thus effortlessly acquiring already engaged subscribers.


Social marketing campaign measurement

The Elusive Social Campaign ROI, Measured

While measurement is key for determining campaign success, social media has long presented a challenge in this department. Customer Generator makes it possible for marketers to track opens, ‘shares’, revenue, and database growth for each email campaign that has been shared in the social space, thus providing measurable success metrics and determining each campaign’s ROI.


Brand advocates icon

Brand Advocates, Defined & Retained

It’s no surprise that the most valuable subscriber segment in a marketer’s database includes the brand advocates. It’s often hard to identify them and even harder to measure their value. Customer Generator enables marketers to identify those subscribers who share their content and track the engagement and revenue each ‘share’ generates. Marketers can then develop campaigns to incentivize social sharing and target their most valuable subscribers thus increasing the campaigns’ exposure and generating organic subscriber growth as a result of digital word-of-mouth. 


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