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In the increasingly digital marketing landscape, a truly cross-channel marketing program is unattainable without the web channel and all its components –preference centers, registration pages, web analytics, display, and retargeting. For most marketers, the biggest challenge in integrating web into their overall marketing strategy is the necessity for dedicated resources and stand-alone technology.

Yesmail360i is an all-in-one solution that enables marketers to create, integrate, and manage their web marketing strategy and all its components.

Display campaign integration, web marketing


Yesmail360i boasts in-tool display integration that enables marketers to select the creative for their display campaign, define rules that identify when in the customer journey it should deploy, and create a standard or custom target audience for the campaign, all from a single screen.


Display retargeting, Web marketing

Display Retargeting

To take it a step further, Yesmail360i provides display retargeting functionality that allows brands to retarget display campaigns based on subscriber interaction, from a single platform and in a single environment, a capability unheard of in the industry.


Preference Centers, Web Marketing

Preference Centers and Registration Pages

We practice (and preach) what we call Next Generation preference centers and registration pages with a variety of advanced functionalities like stepped questions, interstitial windows, and on-screen validation, which increase sign-ups while dramatically reducing page abandonment. Our creative team designs sophisticated preference centers and reg pages and the Yesmail360i platform facilitates seamless set-up, optimization, and data collection. 


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